Trinidad and Tobago

Designated National Authority

The Designated National Authority (DNA) is the body responsible for approving projects that are consistent with Trinidad and Tobago's sustainable development priorities, and was identified as the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Housing and the Environment, with the Multilateral Environmental Agreements Unit (MEAU) operating as the technical and functional Unit.


Ministry of Housing and the Environment       
HDC Building, 2nd floor
44 - 46 South Quay

DNA Contact point:

Mrs. Joy Creese
Permanent Secretary
Tel: (868) 624 3378
Fax: (868) 625 2793



The role of the DNA is to provide guidance  and approval to project participants in CDM projects. In the case of the host Party DNA, this letter of approval must confirm that the project activity contributes to sustainable development in the country.

The Executive Board has clarified that in issuing the letter of approval, a DNA should include all the required elements as requested by the Board, and in particular: 

"...that the country has ratified the Kyoto Protocol, the approval of voluntary participation in the proposed CDM project activity, and, in cases of host country letter of approval, that the proposed CDM project activity contributes to sustainable development. (EB 25, paragraph 95)"


    Last updated: 15 November 2011

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