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Third National Capacity Building Workshop

The Third National Capacity Building Workshop for CDM has successfully concluded. In collaboration with the UNEP Risø Centre, the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources as the Trinidad and Tobago Designated National Authority (DNA) held the Workshop on September 12-13, 2012 at the Carlton Savannah Hotel, St Anns, Trinidad.

The First and Second National Workshops held in 2011 sought to raise awareness of the various stages of the CDM project cycle, with this, the Third Workshop, focusing on the Validation, Verification and Monitoring stages. The training also covered work procedures of the Designated Operational Entity (DOE), CDM contract negotiations and legal issues, and an in-depth look at working methods of validators and verifiers.

The Third National Workshop aptly follows on the heels of the DNA's approval of the first CDM project in Trinidad and Tobago, developed by the Petroleum Company of Trinidad and Tobago in partnership with TOSL Engineering Ltd who acts as the Coordinating/Managing Entity (CME) and is the second participant on the project. As such, the project participants were invited to share information about their project, as well as their experience in dealing with the CDM; the challenges they faced and how they overcame these issues.


-- Above: Mr Neil Bujun, Senior Project Engineer, PETROTRIN sharing his organisation's CDM experience

Recent low carbon developmental projects were expatiated on by Mr. Kishan Kumarsingh, Head of the Multilateral Environmental Agreements Unit (MEAU) of the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources (MEWR), who noted the importance of pursuing national action to address climate change, such as Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs), which is slightly similar in structure to programmatic CDM. The policy directives and trends for renewable energy and energy efficiency, as well as the host of projects being implemented to this end was addressed by Mr Randy Maurice of the Ministry of Energy and Energy Affairs in his presentation.

Ms Sonya Bissessar, MEWR presented the sustainable development (SD) indicators, which is a working checklist of indicators for the DNA to assess the contribution of projects to SD goals. Ms Bissessar also elucidated the CDM Project Review Procedure in Trinidad and Tobago to provide transparency to the review process. Ms Jewel Batchasingh, MEWR Climate Change Specialist highlighted the upcoming work of the Ad-hoc Working Group on Durban Platform for Enhanced Action (ADP), especially in light of the approaching chairmanship of Mr Kumarsingh for the period 2013-2014.


-- A cross section of the national stakeholders

Stakeholders were also informed of the multilateral initiative for private financing - CTI PFAN - by Mr Andre Escalante of Energy Dynamics Ltd. Mr David Shim (UNEP contracted consultant) provided an update of his organisation's project to promote CDM PIN development in T&T, which detailed several challenges within the process including lack of interest by stakeholders due to cheap fuel prices, lack of a guiding energy policy and the reluctance of decision makers to take a position on CDM.

Dr Jørgen Fenhann gave a quick status of the CDM pipeline, and also went on to underscore the lessons learnt throughout the CDM experience from a broader perspective and the opportunity for new global market mechanisms. He also gave an update on NAMAs in an international context, with Ms Batchasingh speaking to the local NAMA development in T&T. Dr Oscar Coto, EMA SP, gave informative discourses on the key areas of Validation, Verification and Monitoring, as well as the new market mechanism under the UNFCCC.

To access the presentations delivered at the Workshop, please click on the corresponding links below.


DAY 1: September 12, 2012


Session 1: Climate Change Context and Status in Trinidad & Tobago

Climate Change Policy of Trinidad & Tobago

Kishan Kumarsingh, MEWR

Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Policy Trends in T&T

Randy Maurice, MEEA

Contribution of GHG mitigation projects to the Sustainable Development of T&T

Sonya Bissessar, MEWR

Session 2: CDM projects in Trinidad & Tobago

Status of the CDM Pipeline

Jørgen Fenhann, URC



Facilitation of CDM project development in T&T- Lessons learned from the ACP-MEAS in-country project  implementation

David Shim, SUSTRUST

CTI PFAN facilitation project for clean energy project financing in T&T

Andre Escalante, CTI PFAN

Session 3:  Validation and Verification of CDM projects

CDM Project Review Procedures in T&T

Sonya Bissessar, MEWR

Validation and verification of CDM GHG mitigation projects

Oscar Coto, CDM Consultant

Monitoring of CDM projects

Oscar Coto, CDM Consultant



DAY 2: September 13, 2012


Session 4: Future of Climate Change Mitigation and opportunities for action in T&T

Ad-Hoc Working Group on Durban Platform for Enhanced Action

Jewel Batchasingh, MEWR

Session 5: Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs) and New Market Mechanisms for Climate Mitigation

Update on NAMAs: from the concept to a pipeline

Jørgen Fenhann, URC

Update on a New Market Mechanism under the UNFCCC

Oscar Coto, CDM Consultant

Current approaches for NAMA development in T&T

Jewel Batchasingh, MEWR

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